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Phytospecific relaxer Good choices include Phytospecific Phytorelaxer (use Index 1, which is for delicate hair), Elucence Gentle Relaxer and Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Relaxer. 95 Add to basket; Phytospecific Integral Hydrating Mist 150ml £ 19. Phytospecific Phytorelaxer Permanent Relaxing Index 2 is a relaxing kit with everything you need to complete the relaxing application at home. It was easy to mix and apply. 00 Add to basket; Hairfinity Hair Vitamins – Food Supplement (1 month) £ 27. Phytospecific Relaxer; Relaxer, Retouch and Cut; Retouch and Semi ($110. 00) This salon caters to women of all ages and is open to new customers who are bold enough to dare to have beautiful hair. 00 Add to May 08, 2005 · I wanted to try phytospecific, so I contacted them as well as the people at Rusk. ) Milky Restructurer (2. The relaxer came as outlined in the description. 00 Add to basket; Related products. You either have to make use of conditioning treatments available in your own kitchen to make your hair manageable or go the undesired route of using lye or no-lye relaxers. 4,590 posts, read 5,157,621 times Reputation: 4376. They both said NO!. 38 – or subscribe and get 15% off REGULAR PRICE - $65. org › natural-hair › natural-hairExcept for the BiodipHier, which is manufactured in New Zealand and it is a multi-racial relaxer; there are no other natural hair relaxers for black hair. 02 oz. Salon, Boutique, Salon Products - Free Shipping. ) Gloves (1 pair) Wooden Stick Applicator; Phyto is a botanical-based hair care line with salon-quality results. After experiencing a bad chemical hair relaxer four years ago, she still has a hard time maintaining straight hair. The egg- and soy-based formula is odorless and does not contain lye. 33 oz Pre-Care Balm-7. Permanently and gently relaxes for straight, soft and beautiful hair. 00. I explained to them that the last time I used the Thio based relaxer was a year ago. It is perfect to straighten frizzy and …What it is: A no-lye relaxer formulated with naturally derived ingredients to preserve hair's elasticity and strength. Relaxers, keratin treatments, all natural color, highlights, hair design by Salon of the Year Awardee; Top 10 Best Salons Awardee, Hairdresser of the Year, Face of …Feb 18, 2010 · Does anyone know of a salon in the New Orleans area that uses the PhytoSpecific hair relaxer? or has anyone tried using the at home kit from Sephora???? 02-18-2010, 08:16 AM Jessiegee40 : Location: Louisiana. 75 oz PhytoSpecific Deep Restructuring Balm is an intensive hydration treatment for dry, brittle and over-processed hair. There was no noxious chemical smell. 75 oz - Phyto Specific Deep Restructuring Balm 6. SET CONTAINS:Phytospecific Relaxer Index 2 – Normal, Thick, Resistant Hair Our Price - $ 65. Phyto PhytoSpecific Deep Restructuring Balm 6. I like the benefits of having a light relaxer (texturizer) without the harsh chemicals. EM HAIR-QUALITY SERVICES & …Loving my Phyto Relaxer – After several conversations with Felicia at Girlfriends Salon, I decided to try the Phytospecific Relaxer Index 1. Phyto Specific PhytoRelaxer Index 2 for normal to thick hair, perfectly straightens all hair types with maximum security. This is the first time I've ever used the Phyto brand hair products. Unlike other chemical straightening formulas, Phytorelaxer contains a blend of keratin, cinchona and marshmallow root to promote and maintain flexibility and strength with a silky shine. I am loving this product and how it makes my hair feel. . PhytoSpecific Phytorelaxer Index 1 Fine Hair includes: Pre-Care Balm (0. Phytospecific relaxer for delicate/ fine hair. you might want to post this in the beauty section. Marina put our minds at ease handling us with superb care. Relax delicate and fine hair safely and effectively without the use of harsh chemicals. She was genuinely concerned about healthly hair and how to improve upon our daily maintenance. ) Straightening Cream (7. I asked if I could try the phytospecific on the new growth wich is about 6 inches. 60 oz. The Phytorelaxer Index 1 has done that for me. Naturally straighten normal to thick and resistant hair in the healthiest way with the Phytospecific Phytorelaxer Kit 2. 22 oz. "Phytospecific Moisturising Styling Cream 125ml £ 19. Specializing in all hair types, especially curly and relaxed hair. I will always continue using it as it gives me the results I desire!PHYTOSPECIFIC Botanical-based, no-lye relaxer Index 1 Delicate and fine hair, minimal curl reduction. The relaxer was very gentle on my hair and did not burn my scalp. 00 Add to basket; Phytospecific Cap’Energy £ 36. It wasn't about the sale or telling us how BAD our hair was. Permanent Relaxing Straightening Agent 100% Natural origin 4 Hydra-repair formula 1 Perfectly straightened hair 2 Strength, suppleness shine 7 Ideal for even the driest hair 8 Comfortable for even the most sensitive scalps 5 With keratin, cinchona marshmallow root 6 For fine hair Phytorelaxer with keratin, cinchona and marshmallow root This Phytosolba laboratory exclusive and breakthrough Phyto PhytoSpecific PhytoRelaxer Index 1 - Delicate and Fine Hair . BRAND: PHYTO . These typically cost a bit more than normal relaxers, but they are the best option for damaged hair. Brand detailsI’ve used Phytospecific relaxer for over three years now and can honestly say I have never experienced any problems with it. I’ve read several comments from previous users, and all with good reviews. Box Contents:-0. A revolutionary, gentle, hydroxide-free relaxing treatment. 00) Relaxer Retouch ($90. ) Index Inductor 1 (2. It contains no-lye and is odorless. I’ve used various other relaxers in the past which have given me a burning sensation on my scalp but with Phytospecific I have never had this problem. Nov 01, 2012 · In the video above, we are introduced to Jasmine, a young lady who shares her story on the not-so-good side of perms. 00 $ 50. 83%(12)Location: 715 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022Natural Hair Relaxer – Best, All Natural, Recipe, for https://beautysight. Phytospecific Relaxer for Delicate, coarse fine Hair with egg and soy active extracts. 00) Virgin Relaxer ($100. We discussed the Phytospecific Relaxer which I bought despite her telling me I too can stop relaxing & the cost. ) Neutralizing and Cleansing Emulsion (4. Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine (4oz) £ 14. Phytorelaxer is a formula that includes egg and Soya extracts. This richly moisturising balm works to fortify and restructure hair strands, giving hair a renewed health and strength, whilst ingredients such as Narcissus Wax and Camellia Oil Purchase a relaxer that is gentle yet effective. Jasmine is left with tons of frizz and damaged ends that she collectively refers to as a "natural disaster. 33 oz. One Time Purchase; Save an additional 15% with a subscription plan. 53 oz. 60 oz Straightening CreamI heard about a new relaxer by Phytotherathrie called the Phytospecific Phytorelaxer Phytospecific relaxer